Moving to

Hi Everyone

When I started this blog, I had only intention in my mind. To share my art work with the world. I strongly believe that art is to been seen, felt, experienced and not just hoarded. And so, this motive of mine is forcing me to take this step.

Yes, after a lot of probing on google, checking with other fellow bloggers, questioning in forums and a lot of info hunting on the internet, I have finally decided to move my blog to

One of the sad things that I found out while my research is that, after I move my blog to, I will lose my friends. A community of fellow bloggers, or in WordPress’ language, followers, that I have had the privilege of winning while being at, will be lost. This is one thing that I’m still not ready for. And honestly I don’t want to be ready for.

The WordPress happiness engineers have selected 15th May, 11AM utc and 24 hours from thereon as the slot for the guided transfer. And they have requested me not to add any new content during this time. That means my site will be facing down time (I guess).

Once completing guided transfer, I will re follow your blogs. Also, I request you all to re follow my blog. So that as far as our relationship with each other as bloggers is concerned, will never change a bit. Good bye, for now.

Phew….. See you guys on the other side.

Pictures and stories!!!

Irfan Hussain
AKA, thereddotman

11 thoughts on “Moving to

    1. There are a few customization steps that I’m looking at for which i require the flexibility of .org. HTML editing, disqus plugins are some of the things which i’ll be implementing after the move. But it wasn’t easy to decide. After a lot of confusion, dilemma, and thinking, I’ve taken the decision to move.

  1. Irfan, I believe that your followers will spend a few extra minutes to find you in your new home. But why did you decide to change to org? I know enough about their advantages- disadvantages , but it would be nice to hear about your case, that’s more important than theory.

    1. Thanks so much muratkazdal, Well it was not easy for me to take this decision. There were some customizations that i wanted to do on my website. When i was hunting on google for the answer most of them took me to .org. Then i started researching more on what is .com and .org, the features, the benifits. After a lot of probing, i felt that i might need the flexibility which .org has to offer. I think I’m doing the right thing here. I’m still not sure. I’ll know this only after i have completely moved to the other side.

      1. I was always thinking to “have” my blog as org, than I’ve chosen community and I’m very happy with my decision so far. I really miss some flexibility like plugins (random posts on sidebar etc…) and my blog is deactivated mistakenly for around 18 hours, it would be probably faster to fix a paid host server.

          1. And I too love the community part. But from what I have researched, building community on .org becomes completely my responsibility. Freshly pressed, recommended blogs, recommended topics will not support my blog anymore. That’s whole point of this post. I don’t want to miss out any of my friends here.

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