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Speech less

Usually I have a lot to talk about an image before i post it. But for this one, I find myself to be speech less.

All I would say is I was walking down the street with my camera. These kids saw me and screamed out to me “UNCLE!!! ORU PHOTO”, Oru is one in tamil. And when i asked them to smile, this is what i got.

kids lauging price less wordpress
I asked for a flower, but i got a whole bouquet. What more could i ask for?

7 thoughts on “Speech less

  1. What a beautiful bouquet you received from these five young ones. I love your black and white images. So timeless. There are many adjectives that come to mind. You could have a fantastic exhibit. I look forward to seeing more.

    1. That’s a great complement alessandro. Thanks so much. Glad to know you had been to my country. If ever you plan to come to india, to the southern part, do let me know.

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