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Baby Girl Candid

I went boat riding when I was in Yelagiri. It’s a hill station in Tamilnadu. I was with my colleagues from work there on a vacation.

We got on to the boat in the Yelagiri lake and started rowing. It was really tiring through. The boat man who was assigned to help us made it look very easy when he was rowing it. At the end of the boat ride, just before docking, I noticed another boat which was coming to doc. This is little baby girl on that boat got my attention. I wanted to take a candid shot of them but that girl seems to be really sharp. When I reviewed the shot I was sure that she knew I was taking her picture just by looking at her expression.

baby girl candid wordpress
I was reviewing the shots in my camera after I got of the boat and when this picture came up I was like "wook at thosh bwiig aaish"

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