Dancing with a sword

I went through a lot of stocks looking for the right stock image and finally I found it. Marcus J Ranum had the right picture that I was looking for. I would like to thank him for letting me use his stock.

And now my newest painting, dancing with a sword. I use the stock photo as reference and went through using brushes, smudging, about 14 layers and some after effect plugins to get this out put. It took around 12 hours to get it done. Simply because I made a lot of mistakes and I didn’t plan my work flow properly. But I also learnt some new things when I was at it. It’s my current wallpaper. Here’s the wallpaper version of this same art.

dancing with a sword wordpress
Order a Limited Edition print.

6 thoughts on “Dancing with a sword

  1. Es una imagen muy bella Irfam, no me extraña que la tengas de fondo de pantalla, saludos amigo

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