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The Lungu Seller

There’s this fruit which is called lungu. Pronounced as loo-un-goo. I have no idea what it’s called in English. Here in India, at least in the state that I live in, it’s called lungu. It’s this black fruit with a yellow or sometimes a white base. It kinda looks like a coconut, but much smaller. When broken open it contains this lumps of sweet translucent stuff, that’s the fruit which is eaten. A coconut has the fruit stuff stuck to its walls containing water in it. But this one has these lumps which are completely filled with sweet water. It’s hard to explain but I hope you get the picture.

So we were travelling on this high way. Thank god for air conditioners. The cars that we were travelling in kept us comfortable. The temperature outside was around 40-45 degrees. We were thirsty. On the high way we spotted this lungu seller. In that hot sun, around noon, when the sun was right on top of the head this guy was selling lungu. There was no shelter, no shade. Just hot open road with small bushes here and there. And this guy was selling lungu in the middle of no where desert. Along with him were two kids who I think, were his own.


lungu seller wordpress
It was hot has hell. An on the road side of an high way, this guy was selling lungu. The sun did not bother him much.


lungu seller 2 wordpress
He had two kids with him. I think they were his own. They were helping him in his source of earning a living.


kid eating fruit wordpress
A head shot of his younger kid. He was eating some other fruit. Probably he was sick of eating lungu all the time.

6 thoughts on “The Lungu Seller

  1. ¡Es increíble la vida de estas personas!, nosotros protegiéndo a nuestros niños con protección solar, que no estén mucho tiempo al sol, y estas criaturas, viviendo de esta manera…….

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