Yelagiri Hills – The Trip

Yelagiri is a hill station in tamilnadu, India. Yelu in local language, tamil, means 7 and giri means peaks. This Hill has  a close cluster of 7 peaks, this it gets the name Yelagiri. I have posted some pictures here in which I have mentioned that I took them when I was on a trip with my colleagues to Yelagiri hills. I though I’ll also share the memories of that trip here. It was one hell of a trip. I took hundreds of photos. I just picked a bunch from the lot to post here.

It was one hell of a trip. There was driving, sight-seeing, boating, and most importantly, partying in the lawn of the cottage that we were staying in. The trip started with loading up our luggage in the two cars. We stopped at a stop to get some supplies for the trip. Tea, water, cash from the ATM, smokes, and some food to munch on.

Buying some tea and coffee. Arun and the tea stall. Sharmila said no to the tea and is walking away.


Meenakshi, digging out her purse for the ATM card.


Two people to get their cars for the trip. Eugene.


And the other was leo.


Vasanth was still thinking. Whether the cash that he had with him was good enough or he should get more from the ATM. Rhe customers were still bothering saravana with their demands over the phone. I think we made him switch off the phone after that call.


Then we started off on the trip. Away from civilization. To yelagiri. We reached our cottages at around 11 at night. Still we wanted to party. We threw away our luggage into the rooms, changed in to something comfortable, and were out in the lawn as fast as we could. The dark sky, huge trees all around and the beam of full moon shining in from between the trees was the only source of light. The cold breeze blowing through out the night touched our souls as were relaxed in the open lawn. There was no burden of daily life responsibilities like office, work, reports, deadlines or the customers to bother us. It was just us guys, peace, cold breeze, and serenity all around us. None of us could remember when was the last time that we experienced something like that. It was magical. Mainly because we knew that we don’t have to wake up tomorrow and resume our daily lives. I ditched my camera in my room and focused on partying.

I woke up early next morning. I wanted to do some shots around the hill station when the sunlight was still low. That’s when I clicked the tree of the hills shot then. The cottage care taker had a friendly Labrador called betty. She was very good at making friends. I went around the place jogging with betty. When I returned back I saw my friends waking of from their sleep. Hang over was all that i could see on their faces.

I wonder who slapped me last night.


Hang over was all that i could see in Eugene's eyes.


Breakfast was yet to come.


Later, they served tea


Sharmila was waiting for her coffee to come


My cup of tea


I think for a moment sharmila and meenakshi got all inspired by the trees all around. May be they had not seen that many trees around back in the city, They started researching stuff. Don't know what. But they would do this standing next to almost every other tree that looked new or weird to them.


With all those flowers around, i thought i must do some macro


Still trying to figure out what happened last night. Rakesh was calling up his friend back in chennai to check if he knew anything about last night.


That's when he realized that his friends back in chennai will not have any clue about what happened here in yelagiri. This is his poker face.


Then we all got up, showered, got ready for the next thing that we wanted to do. Boating. But… I could still do some shots before we left. We were waiting for some other slow pokes to get ready and join us.

Waiting "why can't they all get ready on time.


This is what happens when you start discussing office work on fun trips. You screw up all the fun part.


During all that waiting I realized some thing. Eugene has a photogenic face.


And so I went candid on him. I think this was when he couldn't find the car keys.


I think saravana must've hidden them just to watch the fun. Look at the smug smile on his face.


Meanwhile, the sales guys thought we should not miss this opportunity to close a sale.


Vasanth also wanted to make use of the time while we wait and asked me to take his head shot.


Those weird looking flowers seem to be attracted to Meenakshi


More waiting


Once everyone was ready, we though its time for a group photo


And here it is


Now it was high time we got to boating. We first thought we’ll walk up to it. It was a very sunny afternoon. We tried walking. But it didn’t take much time for us to quit and take the cars. There were some elderly people among the group 😉 who couldn’t walk much distance. We had to compromise on taking the cars. These shots were taken while we “tried” to walk.

Pose at your own risk, some one might steal from your backpack while you are at it.


When the going gets tough, the tough go devour a fruit.


Sharmila was so tired and exhausted from those 20 steps of walking that we did, she did not notice the dog creeping up behind her


In fact she was so tired, she didn't listen even listen to me when i was telling her about the dog behind her


Still undetected. Wait for


And yes, the dog did it. It scared the tiredness out of sharmila. I gave the dog some snacks which i was eating. In fact he was actually trying to come towards me just for that reason. I fed him with my own hands for scaring sharmila.


After that ordeal of sharmila with the dog, we started to the boating, finally, in our cars. Did a lot more shooting there. This is the shot that I had posted here earlier. I shot this during this same boat ride.

Life jackets on and we were ready to go


This is what freaked me out. The dock was actually submerged in the water. I think the water level of the lake must have risen since it's construction.


Waiting to get on board at the submerged dock.


Finally, on board


They didn't have big enough boats to take all of us. So we had to split into groups of two.


Our group was just me, leo and meenakshi,


"Tired" again from boating. Though it was the boat rower that did all the actual rowing. We all sat down on a near by pavement and had ice creams.


From here on nothing much happened. We went back to the cottages, partied some more, had lunch, and then dozed off. In the evening and the following night, more partying ensued. But it was the best get together than we had all done in a really really long time. We let the dark skies, the lawn, the trees and the full moon light take its course. And partied almost till sun rise. The next morning came and we had to pack our bags, pay our bills, and get on back to the city. Back to civilization. Back to our daily lives.

I know most of them from this group for around 3 years. None of us had ever even imagined that we all go on a trip together. We still have the memories left with us, in form of photos and videos. Planting the thought of planning another such trip in our minds. To break away from our daily regular lives and just enjoy the company of each other. Here are some of the last photos from the trip.

Leo's car was giving trouble. It didn't stop. But it was making some clunking sound. May be the car too didn't want to leave yelagiri. But there were no sounds from it after it got down the hill and reached the highway. Oh btw, they are not repairing anything, they are just pointing fingers at the engine and posing for a picture.


All looking back toward the road that will take us back to yelagiri. Wondering when will those magic moments come back in our lives.


We stopped at a hotel after we reached the high way for break fast. Apparently Eugene already had enough breakfast and didn't want anymore.


We started continued our trip after that. The temperature was just too hot for us to go on without any refreshment. The air conditioning of the cars kept us comfortable but we were damn thirsty. That’s where we spotted the lungu seller and stopped to get some lungu. I’ve already blogged about the same lungu seller right here.  I though it’s also a chance to shoot some last shots.

Ain't no secret agent. That's Leo.


Bids of a feather


sharmila's candid


Eat enough lungu and you will grow muscles just like him.


More birds of a feather


Ooohh!! Who's that handsome guy?!?


Planning for the next trip



10 thoughts on “Yelagiri Hills – The Trip

  1. Meenakshi :Great write up, an Unforgettable trip, hope we continue to make many more trips in future

  2. that was a nice write up with lovely pictures! black & white adds a nice feeling to the pictures… we (a group of 10+) are planning a trip to yelagiri in June, would like to know which cottage you stayed in and the price…

  3. what a feast for the eyes – for a few seconds, it’s almost as if i was there, too…

  4. Wow, that was some trip!!! You have some fantastic photos. I love them all but I really love the one titled “my cup of tea” and one with the man sitting on submerged dock. Those were priceless!!

    Thanks for sharing the details of your trip and your photos! This was a very enjoyable read!!

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