road side couch sofa wordpress

It happens only in India

I was photo walking in this area called Teynampet, in my city Chennai. And this sight just amused me. It was on the road side platform, along a main road. I saw a couch placed there, and people chatting with each other as if it was their living room. The moment I saw it I knew I had to click this. The actual frame when I was clicking this photo without them realizing that I was going to click this was far more better. But they noticed me, and I had a tough time making the people there relax and just do what ever they were doing without being bothered about the camera but they just couldn’t relax. And hence the frame looks rather fictitious than realistic. It took some time and this is the best natural looking shot that I could get from them.

road side couch sofa wordpress
Road Side Couch. It happens only in India. Order a Limited Edition print of this photo.

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