Singh Is King

Do you know how long it takes to travel from Delhi to Chennai in a Truck? 5 days, and these guys are on a roll non stop. I mean they don’t rent a motel room, stay the night and continue next morning. They travel in a group of a minimum three, and take turns driving. They stop only for a meal and to freshen up at some hotels or dhaba’s on the highways. They keep moving this way until they reach their destination.

This is Baljindar Singh. Proud partner of the Chadda Frozen Food Carriers. I happened to see him and ask him for a picture. He asked me why but then obliged when I told him that I just love shooting random strangers.

That’s when he told me about where he’s coming from and how do they travel. The Head office is in Delhi and they supply fruits in their frozen carrier trucks to various parts of the country. Even all the way to southern most state of India. We were just walking a bit further conversing about his trip. After a bit further, he showed me the truck in which he and his crew had travelled. That was a Huge monster. Apparently, his son owns about 20 of these, and operates the business from Bangalore, Karnataka.

Baljindar with his truck. Owning 20 of these is not actually a bad idea. 😀 Order a Limited Edition print of this image.

6 thoughts on “Singh Is King

    1. Me encantaron los colores también. Primero pensé voy a hacer un blanco y negro de este. Pero después empecé avanzando me di cuenta de que el color está funcionando mucho mejor en ella. Gracias Manoli.

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