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The Evening of 19th June, 2012


If you live in Chennai, and you happened to step out on the streets on the evening of 19th June, that’s just this Tuesday, you would’ve noticed that the sky was having this golden tint. If you asked me, it marked the beginning of monsoon this year in Chennai. It’s quite surprising though, that it’s happening this early.

I was travelling from the branch office in Guindy, to the head office in Adyar, and I couldn’t help but notice this lovely tone on the sky. I so felt like taking stopping my bike and take some shots. I found this building on the way. Don’t know what exactly is this but it stands right opposite to the hot breads store. Next to the Calvary Evangelical church. The way the glass panes on this building was reflecting the sky was looking just beautiful. I couldn’t help my self. I parked my bike just before the hot breads store and took this shot.

Don’t know what this building is exactly. Order a Limited Edition Print of this photo.



I reached the head office in Adyar. It’s a bit far away from the Malar hospital. Probably half a kilometer or so. I told my boss that I’ll be with him in another 15 minutes. I took the camera out from my bag and ran up to the terrace. The sky was still golden. I looked at this apartment building which is next to my office building, The Sreela Terrace. The apartment was looking beautiful under the golden sky. I took this shot of the apartment bulding. That’s Malar Hospital which is blurly visible in the back ground.

The overlooking view of the apartment building from the terrace of my office. Order a Limited Edition print of this image.



I wasn’t done yet. I spent some time up there on the terrace, just looking around. Chennai climate never seemed so beautiful if you ask me. There’s this small area where we all assemble for lunch on the terrace. It’s kind of an open air lounge. I finished this little photowalk of mine with this final shot.

The lounge on the terrace of my office. I never though it would look this pretty. Order a Limited Edition Print of this photo.



I shot the bracket images using Nikon L120. All the images are the out put of HDR processing done using Nik HDR efex. I always stress that tripod should be used for best out put in HDR. However, I didn’t have a tripod at the moment. And so I had do this hand held.

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    1. Awww, muchas gracias manoli. Estoy tan contenta de ver a su comentario después de tanto tiempo.

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