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The flower market

Flowers are a big part of Indian culture. They’re used while praying, women in India tie them in their hair like jewellery. Jasmine plays a vital role here. I but I some how find it repulsive. Though a lot of people, including my mom, claim that they smell beautiful, I find the smell to irritate my nostrils.

But I somehow delved into the flower market for taking some shots. I was surprised to see such a huge market just for flowers. I came across this whole family who is into flower selling business. I guess they are family. Or may be they are just colleagues who work there. I didn’t actually enquire. But then It was fun shooting them.

Looking at their features, they clearly seem to be family. The women on either side seem to be sisters.


It was nice to see their whimsical side. They seem to be having as much fun posing as I had shooting.


flower sellers wordpress
This seems to be another family. The woman on the right and the center seem to be sisters have similar features. They seem to be sisters.


flower lady friends wordpress
I had a tough time making the lady on the left smile. You see, two of her front teeth were fallen. She actually had a childish smile but I couldn’t force it out of her. I was glad I could at least make her smile to this extent.

10 thoughts on “The flower market

    1. aren’t they!? It was so nice to be with them. Some of the kids there too were really enthusiastic to get photographed. I’ll be posting those too soon. Thanks alessandro.

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