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Karl Schmidt Memorial – Besant Nagar Beach


It was supposed to happen at Besant Nagar beach. Besant Nagar is a popular area in Chennai, because of it’s beach, the Broken Bridge and the Karl Schmidt memorial. It’s lovingly called as Bessy Beach among the younger crowd.

I was supposed to be on this photowalk with two other friends of mine. Shankar did turn up but we couldn’t meet because we had never seen each other before. We were under confidence that Arshad had our numbers and we both had Arshad’s number. But Arshad had slept off and never turned up. His alarm clock (apparently) didn’t ring when it was supposed to.


So, I was out there at Besant Nagar, at about 7am in the morning. When I reached, I parked my bike and rang up Arshad. There was no answer.

I was waiting for them to arrive. During these days the nights were pretty cold, right until the sun was up. The morning sun was warming up the beach slowly and was driving away the cold of the night. I had to get rid of the jacket I was wearing. I hung it on my shoulder. I took my camera out and started photowalking.

street with dipika sony poster wordpress
The street of Besant Nagar, facing the beach. Btw, that’s Deepika Padukone, a bollywood actress, posing with a cyber shot on a Sony Poster.
crow wordpress
By far the best bird photography that you can do at the besant nagar beach. With fisher men catching fishes and drying some of them under the sun to make dry fish, the beach makes an ideal scavenging spot.

I walked further inside, towards the sea shore. The sun was rising up and it was getting really warm now. I did some shots while walking on the beach sand. Mean while, I called Arshad again. There was still no answer. At that point, being unaware as to why there was no answer, I thought that Arshad must be one hell of a serious photographer and doesn’t like to be disturbed while shooting. I thought I must’ve turned up late.

sleepy dogs wordpress
Looks like these guys are suffering from a serious case of hangover
sleepy dog wordpress
The kind of face I make when my mom wakes me up in the morning during school days and I say “5 more minutes”


And there it was, basking under the rising sun. I’m sure it would’ve looked really pretty when it was constructed. Now it looks more like a toilet if you ask me. A rather ancient toilet for ancient people. Until this time I had only heard about it. I only knew that it was in Besant Nagar and I had a plan of doing some shots around it. Seeing it for real was rather disappointing. I did some shots anyway.

cloudy with a chance of karl schmidt memorial wordpress besant nagar beach elliot's beach
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Karl Schmidt memorial upfront wordpress beasant nagar beach elliots beach
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Karl Schmidt memorial sunny background wordpress beasant nagar beach elliots beach
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I had to get to office. It starts at 9am. So I had to pack up and leave. Before I started my bike, I gave yet another call to Arshad. There was still no answer. I stopped at a hotel for break fast. And from there, on the way to my office, I stopped at a tea stall for some tea and smoke. That’s when my phone rang and I saw it say “Arshad calling”. He told me that he just woke up and blamed it on his alarm clock.


The four initial shots are single exposures. The black and white images are processed in Nik Silver Efex. I used the same technique which I have mentioned in my black and white tutorial. The shot of the crow is just sharpened in topaz adjust and I added a hint of vignette in Nik Colour Efex.

The shots of Karl Schmidt memorial are HDR shots. I did them by shooting the bracket images at 2 stops. Starting from -2 and gradually increasing to +2ev, I shot 5 exposures. I made the final images by merging them in Nik HDR Efex and some editing in photoshop and Nik Colour Efex. I used the same technique which I have shown in my HDR tutorial.

I did all these shots using my Nikon L120.

13 thoughts on “Karl Schmidt Memorial – Besant Nagar Beach

  1. Gosh Irfan, you blog sure gets better by the day! I love your pictures, the story they tell, and more also, the stories you tell by way of note describing everything that went through before, during and after each shot! It all works to set the right mood and aid a better understanding and appreciation of each photo taken.

    You are a master at what you do, and your blog is always a delight to come to! Thanks for giving my food such beautiful thing to see, and my soul something beautiful to apprecaite and remember for a long time to come!

    Cheers Irfan! 🙂

    1. Oops! Sorry, that was meant to be ‘thanks for giving my eyes such beautiful thing to see’. Gee don’t mind me, I was surely eating while posting that, lool!

      Plus totally sorry about Arshad and the meeting that couldn’t hold. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m just trying to do my best and share my art and what I know about it with the world, as much as possible. It’s my friends like you on wordpress community that keeps me going. That is the reason why I moved back from .org to .com. To share, to learn, to connect. I’m glad that you like what my blog has to offer.

        I too happen to mix up things when I’m multi tasking. That puzzled me for a while though. 😉

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