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Broken bridge, Besant Nagar Beach

Backwaters are a branch of a main sea or river which runs alongside before rejoining it. The besant nagar beach’s backwaters is where you will find the broken bridge. The bridge is called as broken bridge for obvious reasons. It’s broken off, right in the middle. Luckily, when I was there, the water level under broken bridge was zero. However, there was enough water here and there, such that I could not go to the other end of the broken bridge.


broken bridge besant nagar wordpress
The Broken Bridge, Besant Nagar Beach. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.

The other side of the broken bridge was pretty much inaccessible. I might have been able to reach it if I made my way around the water, but there would’ve been no chance of shooting it like the way if shot the picture above. So I set my tripod, zoomed in on the bridge from where I was standing and got his one.

broken bridge besant nagar the other side wordpress
The other Side of the broken bridge. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.


I’ve never seen graffiti before in chennai. Usually you will see some hand painted posters of politicians here and there. They are legal and the politicians them selves pay the artists to do it. This is proper graffiti, and if you ask me, this must be the only graffiti in the city.

broken bridge besant nagar graffiti wordpress
Graffiti on the Broken Bridge. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.


broken bridge besant nagar grass wordpress
It was odd to see grass growing at a sea shore. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.


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