Got you!!! (The Styx Concept)

I’ve not done any photo-manipulations for a long time now. Because it’s not how much you know about it, it’s how much time you patiently spend on making it. There have been quite a number of manipulations that I started working on and left them half way through. Just because I was not patient with them. I started on this manipulation with the concept of river styx and kinda stuck to it. It took me about 10 hours to do this.



Styx is pretty much a well touched subject, especially among digital artist. According to Greek mythology, The river of the dead formed the boundary between Earth realm and the Underworld. The gods would swear upon it. Achilles was dipped in it in his childhood for invulnerability. Some versions of the mythology also say that evil souls trying to cross over would get instantly dragged to it’s depths by the dead. Anyway, enough mythology, here’s my concept of Styx.

Styx the river of the dead finishing wordpress
Styx, the river of the Dead. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.

My brother took a look at it and said that it kinda reminds him of alice madness. I had no clue about who she was until I did a google search.



2% Photography(stocks)
20% DAZ 3d
Rest is all Photoshop.

I spent… I guess more than 10 hours, in a span of 3 days, to get this final output. Patience is the key to digital art. They take a hell lot of time, trust me. Along the way when you make digital art, you will feel frustrated. Because the workflow will always turn into something which is not what you plan when you start creating it. I came to a lot of creative blocks while creating this. When that happens, I just switch to playing Kingdoms of Amalur – Reckoning. That’s one neat RPG.

For the stock images I must thank Liam Stock for the model, Athena stock for the texture on the ghoul hands, darkdevil16 for the foggy river BG, cobweb stock for the hand that you see right in the bottom center of this image. All the other hands are what I created using DAZ3d.


Merging all these elements, processing, masking and finishing the final output is all done in Photoshop. The actual processing steps are very elaborate. I had to go through around 30 layers of images, modifying, applying textures, shadows and lighting.

You will find more of such work in the Digital Art section.

12 thoughts on “Got you!!! (The Styx Concept)

  1. This is stunning and so very creative! I agree… This is masterpiece worth the labour. Fantastic work and it would make a great background. Your talent is endless! Keep up the wonderful artistry!!

  2. Unbelievable! I thought 4 hours was a long time, but 10, that’s nuts. But your results tell me it’s time well spent. I think I’ll stick to my usual 10-15 minutes per image though. I’ll leave these masterpieces all to you.

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