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All Hail the Tree God


Some people have asked me whether I’ve stopped photography. No. That’s still something that I love to do. And still enjoy doing it. The only problem is my work schedule has been really tight. I’ve been working even on weekends at my office. It’s kinda hard to slip some time to go out and shoot. But still, all work and no play is not good. So what ever little time that I get from my schedule is what I use to do things that I love to do other than photography. Like, Digital art. It does take a lot of time and patience, but I can do it when ever I want to. And the best part is, my creativity is only limited to my imagination.



I started working on this concept about 4 months ago. No, it did not take me that long to make this. Remember in the last post, I did mention that you will hit mental blocks while working on any kind of art. Patience is the Key. I lost it with this concept. I left it halfway thorough and forgot about it. Then just 4 days ago It all came back to me and I continued working on it.

I tried to give life to the trees in this concept. You know how forests are being cut down everyday to make room for the growing human population. I just thought if trees were as intelligent as humans are, probably they will pray to their tree god. And he will some day come to their aid. So here’s my tree god concept.

one with nature finishing irfan hussain wordpress
The Tree God has arrived. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.


It must’ve taken me up to 5 hours to do this. As always I have stock artists to thank for my work. UmBradeNoapte for the head dress of the tree god, Night-Fate-Stock for the back ground landscape and AngelicDevil for the tree bark textures. The models are what I created using DAZ 3d. Maximum work has been done using photoshop. The birds, clouds and the trees growing on the tree god are what I did using photoshop brushes.

Stock resources used

You can see that the resources used do not have the colour and contrast that the final out put has. I adjusted most of the colour in photoshop. But for the final touches and to add some vibrance, I used Nik HDR Efex and Nik Color Efex. I gave that sun peeking from behind the tree god effect using the lens flare filter in photoshop. A lot more of my art work is in the Digital Art section.

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