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Titanic Pose, They are doing it right


This was originally a view point from this garden in coorg. I forgot the name. But what I remember is, the name translated as “The King’s Seat”. Apparently this was the place where the king, in those days, used to sit and think about stuff. The place where he would apparently sit was over looking the gorgeous landscape of Coorg. Just when my parents were about to pose for a picture with the view in the background, one of screamed and suggested that they make a Titatic pose. That’s when I got this.

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The Titanic pose. They’re doing it right.


I’m still in the process of processing images of the latest trip that we made to coorg. It’s an awesome hill station in Karnataka. Around 6 families, all of who are my relatives, made a trip there last week. Another few pictures to go. But I’m impatient to share one particular picture from the trip. I had told this inย one of my earlier posts. Just like any of my shoots, I shot countless number of frames. But there will be at least one picture that stands out of the lot. That makes me feel proud of what ever it is I do. This is one such picture. That’s why I thought of sharing this separately. Because I thought it deserved such attention.


The beauty of this photograph is
20% processing and
80% is that smile of my mom. She’s the show stealer here. ๐Ÿ™‚

The expression of your subject matters a lot. Especially in portraits. That is what defines the kind of mood that you want to create in a photograph. When were walking through the garden, with thin rain drizzling, and the cold breeze all around, we were all in a delightful mood. And that’s just exactly what has reflected here. Again, the original shot may not seem impressive. But the moment I removed the distraction of colour, the focus just came down to the subjects in the image and their smile. Thus reflecting that exact delightful mood when the picture was taken.

9 thoughts on “Titanic Pose, They are doing it right

  1. Hey Irfan,

    Like this photo. You must be very close to your parents. What a great “Titantic” pose!
    BTY, I saw your post on a WordPress forum. You mentioned how you use the Image Widget. I’m not technically savvy. If you’ve got some time, would you be willingto walk me through how you use the image widget. I’ve tried everything to use it but am having no luck. I will understand if you don’thave the time or don’t want to. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Rebecca, yes my parents can get sporty at times. Since this trip was also a huge family get together. They were all in a very jolly mood and I just exploited that to capture this ๐Ÿ™‚

      About the image widget, Trust me when I say that I’m not a techy either. I just explored the widget a bit. To use the image widget like the way I have done, this is what you need to do.
      1) Upload the image to your media library. Once you are done uploading, you will see a “file url”. Copy this.
      2) I guess you already know to locate the image widget under the appearance -> widgets menu. From the the grid, click and drag the image widget to your sidebar/mid-row/footer. Now you will see various fields that this widget prompts you to fill.
      Widget tittle: I leave it blank as I put the text in the image.
      image URL: here paste the “file url” from step 1.
      Link url: here you need to paste the url of the post, page, etc, that you want the user to see when they click on the image.
      I leave the rest of the fields blanks.

      I hope this helped. Do let me know if you need any more clarity on this.

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