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Enchanting Coorg – Karnataka (Day 1)


It was the wedding of my cousin. It was ending on a friday. And so we thought this would be the best chance to plan a family outing as all of us would have been gathered together. Thanks to the work schedules of all of us it’s kinda difficult to find time for family fun. We thought we should not miss this opportunity. And so, we planned a trip to Coorg.



This is by far the best hill station I’ve been to. The greenery, the climate, the over all beauty of nature is just amazing. This trip was a much needed break that we all needed from our mundane city lives. It was a trip that lasted for 2 days and one night. We started on Saturday morning. There are lot of spots to stop by and experience the beauty of the state of Karnatka. Mysore falls on the way to Coorg from Bangalore. We reached Coorg at around 5 in the evening. The air smelt so pure and fresh. It was raining every 5 minutes. And the rain wasn’t a heavy down pour that will force people to hide in shelters, it was a mild cold drizzle. You have to see it to believe it.



Of course no family trip is complete with out the pictures. It was fun capturing these memories. I used my Nilon L120 to capture these shots. And as always, I processed the black and white ones in Nik Silver Efex, the colour shots in Nik Colour Efex, and the HDR’s in Nik HDR Efex. All of which are photoshop plugins.




We started at around 5 am in the morning. We wanted to start early to save time. We boarded our tempo travellers and set out to our trip. The first stop was the Bylakuppe Buddhist monastery. It was raining. And it was pretty much heavy this time. I was afraid to take pictures with my camera. But then I thought “Memories should not be left uncaptured”. And so I took pictures any way. You will be able to see rain drops on my lens in the pictures.

Entrance to the Bylakuppe Buddhist monastery
Shabbu Bhiya, In front of the one of the prayer halls of the monastery.


That’s Roshan, another cousin of mine


That’s my brother, Rizwan.


Tree house at the monastery
He wanted a single shot and so…



I wish I could remember the name of this forest. There was nothing much to do here. The biggest attraction was this long hanging bridge that they had constructed to connect the banks of the river Kauveri. That’s what helped us reach the forest.

Max, Dolly, and their younger kid, Arhaan


Shubbu with his Mom on the bridge.


Rizwan and Roshu


I had a tough time correcting the light on shabbu with the sun right peeking from right behind him.


This angle made the sun too harsh. But Still I managed to make roshan not hide away in the silhouette.



This one was quite a sight. Getting a good shot the water falls was quite tough. Because the fine spray of water splashing from the water falls making it difficult. First the rain at the monastery and now this. I thought this trip will see the last of my camera.

abbey waterfalls irfan hussain thereddotman coorg 2 wordpress
Abbey water falls. Order a Limited Edition Print of this image.

It already was late evening. Once we were done at the water falls, we moved on to the hotel rooms that we had booked in the forests of Coorg. We were all tiered and hungry. The hotel management had prepared a really good hot lunch for us even though we were very very late to reach the hotel. I focused more on eating than shooting. We rested. We were gonna need it the next day.



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