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The pictures form day 1 of the trip are right here.



Most of us on this trip, including my family were from Chennai, Tamilnadu. This place, Coorg, is in Karnataka. We were supposed to board our trains from Bangalore, back to Chennai, on the second day of the trip at night 10.40pm. That means, the morning of second day of the trip, was time to leave. We were checking out of the hotel. One of our cousins, Max, took charge of the whole logistics and expenditures. He was talking to the hotels clerks and were all waiting for him. I thought I’ll make use of the time at hand until then.

Mom and dad on the stairs of the entrance of the hotel that we stayed in


From left: Salma, Mom’s sister Zareena, Mom, Dad


The only one who noticed me taking this picture is my nephew, Taher.


Meanwhile me Shabbu went in portfolio mode. I took a couple of shots.


Here’s the other one


Once all the bills were paid and all the baggage was loaded on into the tempo travellers, it was time for a group photo. I mounted it on my tripod and ran back to my position.

A family that trips together

We had to start making our way back to Bangalore at least by 4pm in the evening so that we could catch our trains back to Bangalore. So we had to get a move on quick to cover some more places to see around Coorg before evening.



This was our next destination after we checked out from the hotel. The place is named so because apparently this was the place where the king used to sit back relax and think about stuff. There was this little rickety train that would give us a tour around the garden. So we hopped on to it. Once we were done, it was time for some shots.

kids on rail way track coorg irfan hussain thereddotman wordpress
All are my nephews. Naughty little brats. 🙂


Shabbu, and his mom


I think six of them are trying to push the train on the left side and sana alone is trying to push it towards right.


One of those love stories


From here, we moved on to the viewing point where you can see the lush landscape of Coorg. The sight was just breath taking.

coorg raja seat garden landscap view irfan hussain thereddotman wordpress
The beautiful view from the king’s seat gardens. Order a Limited Edition Print of the image.


My brave uncle saving my cousin from the fall


Another brave uncle, saving my brother from the fall


The next shot was a tough one. I wanted to take the entire group shot with the whole scenery in the back ground. And so, I moved up to higher ground. I positioned my camera on these huge steps that they had built. Because of the over rains and the moist climate, the steps were slippery. I zoomed in and framed the shot. The distance from where I was and where everyone was standing, was very far. I set the timer of camera, 10 seconds is the only option I have. The moment I pressed the shutter button I had 9 seconds to reach my spot in the picture. I made a run for it. I scaled down the steps in one piece but when I reached the ground, I stumbled. But I managed not to fall and get in the frame. The smile that it bought on everyone’s face to make it a perfect picture was worth it.

A family that laughs together


And with that ended our trip to the unforgettable Coorg. Glad I have these memories to cherish. Because I have no clue when will I get a chance to break away from my mundane life and have such a wonderful experience. But I’ll go there again, real soon.


  1. A tu padre ya lo conocía por otra foto, pero a tu madre no, es muy guapa y joven. Se os ve una familia muy unida, la nuestra también es así. pero nunca viajamos juntos, tiene que ser muy divertido y lioso??, jajajajajaja, tanta gente para coordinar. las imágenes preciosas, me encanta la última, de toda la familia en color, ¡felicidades por esa familia!, muchos besos Irfam

    1. Gracias Manoli. Definitivamente voy a decir a mi mamá acerca de sus elogios. El viaje fue realmente complicado como usted dijo. La planificación fue la parte difícil. Pero entonces todos se divirtieron. Fue un viaje memorable.

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