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Bylakuppe Buddhist Monastery – The golden temple


This is a small village that falls on the way to Coorg from Bangalore, after crossing Mysore. It’s about 250km from Bangalore. And by road, it takes up to four and a half hours.

I visited this place in august and the weather was just too good. It would rain for about 10 minutes with every 15 minutes gap. It was afternoon. The clouds were of great help. They protected me from the otherwise bright sun which I would have had to face during any normal day afternoon in India.

I always wanted to visit a Buddhist monastery. This was on my travel bucket-list for a long time. This trip to Coorg did fulfil this wish of mine as Bylakuppe is just on the way to Coorg from Bangalore.



This was the first time in my life that I visited a Buddhist monastery. And it turned out to be just the way I had pictured it in my mind. I really could feel the zen when I entered in. Little bit away from the Main gate, there lies the inner gate, past the resident blocks of the monks. From the inner gate this gigantic monument stands right in from of you. As if it’s welcoming you in.

bylakuppe monastery irfan hussain front wordpress
The main prayer hall of the Buddhist monastery. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.

From another angle, this beautiful monument was peeking from between the trees.That architecture on the roof was just just lovely. I set my tripod down to take the bracket shots. Like I said it was cloudy and drizzling I took off the cap I was wearing and used it to cover my camera from the drizzle.

bylakuppe monastery irfan hussain between the trees wordpress
Peeking from be hind the tree. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.

After this I marched on with my tripod to wards the golden temple. I was about to find out why it’s called the golden temple.



This building looked even more prettier than the previous one. The drizzle was still on. But I thought “I don’t know when will I get a chance to visit a place like this again”. And so I set down my tripod to get the bracket images for this shot. Still covering it with my cap.

bylakuppe monastery prayer hall irfan hussain wordpress
The Bylakuppe Golden Temple. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.

When I entered the temple, I realised why they called it the golden temple. It has these three huge statues in there that they worship. The were three doors on the temple from which one can enter in. During prayer times, they do not allow any visitors through the centre door. And unfortunately for me, it was prayer time when I was there. I had to settle for this shot which I took from the door on my right.

bylakuppe monastery irfan hussain inside prayer hall wordpress
The interior prayer hall of the Bylakuppe golden temple. Get a Limited Edition print of this image.

I sat down there for some time. But it wasn’t even 5 mins and I already felt I’m loosing time. Plus I wasn’t able to understand what they were saying. So I left there. I was ready to leave the temple, on my way to the next spot.



Just when I was about to leave the monastery, I noticed this pretty old lady who was chatting with her friends. She had style. I could say that by looking at the hat she was wearing. I interrupted her and asked If I could take a picture of her. With a slight nod and gracious smile on her face, she replied “Yes, you can”. And I got this one.

old lady at buddhist monastery wordpress irfan hussain
The Pretty old lady at the Bylakuppe Buddhist monastery. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.

Ain’t she pretty? She sure was. It was nice to see such a cheerful person at such a ripe old age. I couldn’t help but ask even her friends to pose for a picture along with her.

bylakuppe monastery irfan hussain old ladies talking wordpress
The pretty old lady with her friends. Get a Limited Edition Print of this image.

I thanked them and started walking towards the next destination of my tour. Coorg was still the final destination. On the way there was this place called abbey water falls. I thought I’ll make a quick stop there as well.



My images are never complete without post processing. As always I used my favourite tools to produce the final out put of these images. All the coloured shots in here are done using Nik HDR Efex and then I gave my finishing touches in Nik HDR Efex. I have a tutorial on how do I do my HDR processing right here on this blog. I tried a lot of other soft wares for HDR processing and finally settled with Nik HDR Efex. I clicked 3 bracket shots for each of the HDR’s at -2ev, 0ev and +2ev. Later loaded them in my computer for HDR processing.

The black and white shots have been done using Nik Silver Efex. The best plugin that I came found for Monochrome processing. I have a tutorial on How to use Nik Silver Efex right here.

10 thoughts on “Bylakuppe Buddhist Monastery – The golden temple

  1. Very cool images. This looks like a Tibetan monastery (and not surprisingly so since there is a large Tibetan population in India). Tibetan monasteries are amazing places…especially the sights and sounds within.

    1. Thanks. I had always wanted to visit a buddhist monastery like you said, for the signs and sounds. This was almost like a dream come true 🙂

    1. Gracias manoli tanto. Debido al trabajo, no soy capaz de publicar con tanta frecuencia como antes. Me alegro que te haya gustado. Y sí, El último disparo es mi favorito.

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