kids at mahabalipuram irfan hussain thereddotman wordpress

Kids at Mahabalipuram beach


This is a shot from the previous photowalk at Mahabalipuram beach. Where a group of us photographers shot to capture some exciting beach surfing moments. Most of the others captured some awesome surfing action. While I was rather doing that which I love the most in photography, portraits and HDR.


While walking down towards the sea  there’s this narrow street through which we had to pass through. There were a lot of houses, shops and hotels to be seen on the way. That’s where I saw these kids. They were talking to some women there. They all must’ve been family, or just neighbours. I went up to the kids and asked for a picture. Very shyly, after a little persuasion from the women there, they agreed to pose. That’s when I got this.

kids at mahabalipuram irfan hussain thereddotman wordpress
Nalini, Durga and Janaki. I’m not sure of two names but I’m sure the little one in the middle is Durga. Order a Limited Edition Print of this image.



Nothing complex in this shot. The procesing done here is very simple and I did it all in Nik Silver Efex. I increased the structure to 100%, tweaked down the levels and curves graph a teeny little bit, and added vignette.

6 thoughts on “Kids at Mahabalipuram beach

    1. Hahaaa, sí. A excepción de la del medio, los otros dos se cepillan los dientes. Tomé esta alrededor de las 7 am en la mañana.

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