Muffin the persian cat

Muffin – The Persian (Awesome miniature)


No matter how high-end be your photography equipment, it helps to be old school at time. I’m sure most of us started out with photography with our camera phones. That’s how I started out. I started shooting with my camera phone. But slowly started getting hooked on to this art when I began to realize that my images turn out to be bit different than from others.

When it comes to street photography, you have to be ready to react to situations. At most of the occasions, you will find your self, not having the right equipment. But that should not stop you from taking a picture. Reach into your pocket, grab that phone of yours and click away. I’m sure 1 out of 10 shots will definitely turn out well.


I found my self in such a situation when my cousin’s Persian kitty was lazing around one evening on the terrace. This happened in Bangalore and I had come here for a short visit. And.. I had forgotten to pack my camera. But that did not stop me. I took out mu mobile phone and clicked some neat shots of him.

Muffin the persian cat
Muffin, The Persian Kitty. Order a Limited Edition print of this image.

And then I shot some more but out of all the shots that I took this one turned out to be the best. I shot this with my Sony Xperia Neo L.


So far this must be the least technical image ever on my website. There’s not much to it. Like I said before, learn to shoot independently. Whether you have your camera with you or not, do not hesitate from capturing a moment with whatever it is that you have at particular point of time. When I saw this guy lazing around under the evening sun I just couldn’t help my self but capture it with my phone.

This is what I got.

Then I used this neat app called awesome miniatureYou can find it on Google play store. What I did to this one was

  1. added vivid effect
  2. then the rusty effect (I’m confused between morning, or rusty, but i think rusty it is)
  3. then the vignette

And that’s it.

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