Back to where I started


Some of you who are seeing this post on may remember me. Some of you may not. For those that remember me, yes I’m back from the Other side. For those that don’t, doesn’t matter. Let me make a fresh start by saying a big HELLO šŸ˜€ to you.

Back in June 2012, I made a big move. I moved my blog from to I’m sure you at this moment you are expecting me to say whether it was a good move or a bad move. Comparing the two platforms will be an endless yet a very interesting topic to debate on. But before we startingĀ evaluatingĀ something, it’s always best to hear from both the sides. Because every coin, has two sides to it.


What one must know is that I’m not a programmer. I don’t know squat about coding in HTML or CSS. Having said that, let me know start taking about the life that I experienced on the other side as a blogger.

wp.orgĀ is a self hosted platform. What is “self hosted” you ask? Let’s say that you have bought your self a piece of land. And there you decided to clear out the land, lay a foundation, and build your self a home. You take the help of a contractor or an engineer, an architect who give you a basic idea. Over which you further customize the plans, re shape it, moldĀ it to a design that you alwaysĀ dreamntĀ of. That’s exactly is how self hosting feels like. The platform provides you with the basic tools of blogging. On which you use the various boat load of plugins available like disqus, wordpress SEO, jetpack, akismet. The customization that you can do to your website is just as vast as your knowledge in CSS and HTML coding. You are in complete control, with complete freedom. You are the boss. on the other hand is not self hosted. WordPress is in control. If we take the same example as above, is the kind of contractor/engineer/architect who lets you customize your building plan. However, it will not accept anything and everything. It does not give you plugins, and does not give the complete freedom and independence that you experience in What it does give, is a sense of security and a blogging community.


If I have to summarize the it one word, I cannot think of any other word than “lonely”. But don’t take my word for it. I started blogging in Feb 2012. I made the move in June 2012. I was hasty and made this move too early. There are so many other self hosted blogs who haveĀ developedĀ a community around themselves. May be they were not so hasty as I was. May be they are magic bloggers. But then again, one can’t say for sure. I thought I will have the best of both worlds. I thought that I will be able to experience theĀ independenceĀ of while I enjoy the blogging community of Well, I was wrong.

What ever may be the case, I will suggest (in my honest opinion) that every blogger must experience the platform. It’s like stepping into the real world, plugged out of the matrix. You will learn things which you can’t pick up in If not, you will definitely learn to appreciate the comfort that has to offer.


If you stumbled upon this post by searching for “how to move blogs in wordpress” or some other phrase hoping to find an answer on how to move your blog from to or vice versa, I’m sorry. I have no clue on how one can do it. To move from to, I paid for the guided transfer and a wordpress happiness engineer did it all for me. They were there to help me step by step and also supported me with trouble shooting for two weeks. Ā Coming back to didn’t cost me a dime. I just shouted out for help in support and a staff helped me move back.


Before making the move, I was a hard core street and HDR photographer. I even wrote tutorials on how I go about it. You can still find them in the tutorials menu. But the more I started exploring photoshop, the more I started exploring the art of creating images from a blank canvas. I started exploring digital art. And it realised that it is so deeply connected to what I used to love to do while I was a kid, drawing. I was drawing ever since I could hold a pencil. Even in schools, even during my college, while a class was in session, I would always draw a doodle or scribble a piece of pencil art in the last pages of my books.

I bought a wacom tab, and since then there has been no stopping to me learning digital art. Drawing on a digital canvas is not as same as drawing on paper. It’s a bit weird at the beginning. But by practice, I soon got the hang of it. So right now, I’m dabbling both in digital art and in photography, where digital is at the moment playing a dominant role.


Here’s a list of things that I feel are worth sharing to show you what I had been doing while I was in


As I was saying, drawing digitally seems a bit weird at the beginning. I’ve arranged these art works of mine starting from my earliest, share-able work, to the latest. Click on the image to if you would like to download gigantic versions of them. I use most of them as wallpapers for my computer.

digital art using wacom queen of the night

strange attraction final irfan hussain wordpress thereddotman wordpress

warrior princess wacom tab painting irfan hussain thereddotman digital art wordpress

Death Irfan hussain thereddotman final darksiders phone wordpress


Like I said earlier, photography has been on the down low. I’ve been drawing, shooting, some times combining both the techniques into one piece of art. Photography requires time to go out, shoot and process later. Due to some changes that have happened in my professional life lately, I have not been able to devote enough time to shooting. I plan to make a backpacking trip in may, hope fully I should be able to scout out some good places to shoot. These are some of my photographs that I shot while I was in

These are a few good ones that I feel are worth sharing as a collection. More photos, more digital art, more tips, tricks and tutorials coming up. So, stay tuned, stay connected. šŸ˜€

7 thoughts on “Back to where I started

  1. Now, that I have actually read the post, it contains some great feedback and confirmed my itch to switch. I love your digital art! Very cool! You’re so talented! Thanks for coming back to the other side.

    I had left a comment on someone else’s blog asking about the Wacom and how it worked for them and is it similar to drawing in paper? I sketch and doodle all the time just as you mentioned and I wanted to start sharing that type of creativity on my blog. I now have photoshop but its difficult for me. šŸ˜¦ I probably will need to take a class.

    1. Looks like you already have what you need to get started.
      1) Photoshop
      2) Wacom tablet
      3) Flair to draw
      It’s just like drawing on paper. But it takes time to get used to it. What I did was I did not just start away on a proper art work. I just made rough sketches, tried different types of brushes, Played around with opacity and random stuff like this. Just to get the hang of it. Slowly I moved to making art work. This is the first sketch I ever made From this one till the last one that i made you can see the progress in learning. But the learning process is so much fun. What I like about this is that your creativity is just as limited as your imagination.

      Search on google for photoshop brush sets. I learned a lot from artists on Keep trying, you will soon get the hang of it.

  2. Irfan!! Is that really you! Oh, how I’ve missed you. šŸ˜€ I tried to keep up with your other site but it was difficult. I couldn’t get your site in the reader and I was already getting so much email. I even found you on flickr. This is starting to sound a bit like stalking :D. Nonetheless… Welcome back my friend!!! šŸ™‚ can’t wait for more posts. And I finally got photoshop!

    Btw I skipped reading the post to comment due to my surprise šŸ˜‰ reading now.

    1. Hey there. Yes it’s me. I missed you too. I missed the whole community that I had built around me and those that I was a part of. That’s one of the big reasons that I moved back.
      Glod to know that you remember me. How have you been? And congrats on procuring photoshop. Let me know if you ever need any help with anything. Not that I’m an expert or something, but I will be happy to share with you what I know šŸ™‚

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