Weekly photo challenge – Escape


The topic of this weeks’ photo challenge is something that I have been looking forward to these days. Escape, from my regular daily life, from my busy schedules of work, from all the physical, mental and financial stress. And my contribution aptly describes it. Like these birds, I want to escape and fly away from it all. At least for a few days.

birds flying away alamparai
Escape!! Away from those snoopy photographers.


This is from this small village called Alamparai, which is abbout 150 kms away from Chennai. I was here with my other photographer friends for a photowalk. It turned out to be very adventurous. We had to take a boat from alamparai to reach the alampari fort across the shallow back waters. While returning we spotted these folk of birds and told that we ride towards them. We were all ready with our camera’s and just when they were about to fly away, I snapped this one with my Nikon L120.

You’ll find more shots from this photowalk here.

15 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge – Escape

    1. It really doesn’t it? I haven’t taken a single day off for my self from work ever since this year started. I plan to do so this summer and fly away some where like these birds 🙂

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