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On the Shore of alamparai


It’s been a long time since I have posted a photograph. I’ve been spending so much time delving into digital art that it’s taking up maximum of my available time. But today I thought let’s keep it aside and go back to that which actually made me get into photo editing to Photoshop to digital art. I did some shots last month at Pondicherry with my relatives and also some with an old friend at Alamparai. I opened those archives and started sorting the photographs. This bunch should keep me coming back to editing for sometime. However, for now here’s a picture from my recent trip to Alamparai fort.


It was a 3 hour bike ride up and 3 down, which means I rode up to 6 hours that day. We started off at 4 in the morning from Adyar and reached Alamparai around 7am. We took a boat ride to the fort. I shot this after docking at the fort.

alamparai fort shore irfan hussain thereddotman wordpress
The shores of Alamparai fort. Order a Limited Edition Print of this image.


A few weeks ago my friend who recently got into photography, got a Nikon D700 (i guess) and was showing some of his photos on my computer. When I showed him how the pictures could be enhanced by using some simple editing steps on some of his pictures he said “I don’t know, I feel like cheating”, I said “I feel like god”. 😀

I love this ability of taking something not so special and turning into something which, at least closely, can be related to art. This picture for example. You wouldn’t beleive me if I said that this one here is the original shot. I took this with my Nikon L120.

Yes, I’m not kidding. This is the original.

To this, I add these simple steps.

  1. I corrected the horizon using the using the ruler tool with the horizon of the shore as reference.
  2. Then I cropped out the unwanted areas using the crop tool. Crop tool is easy. Click on the crop tool icon, click and drag across the image to make selection, hit enter.
  3. Then the rest of the magic is done in Nik Silver Efex. Navigate to this plugin from this menu.

  4. Then apply these changes to from the right hand side menu in the plugin.
  5. Hit the ok button at the bottom right corner of the window and you’re done.


alamparai fort shore irfan hussain thereddotman wordpress
Order a limited Edition print of this image.

Actually, these are the steps that make up 90% of my black and white processing technique. Click on the link to learn about it in detail.

You can see that there’s almost nothing that I have done here. Just cropping, and simple tweaks in a plugin, to make ordinary look extraordinary.


I shared this post with my friend with whom I had gone shooting to this place. He confirms it’s Nikon D7000. 🙂

4 thoughts on “On the Shore of alamparai

  1. Welcome back, photographer! You have been missed.

    Excellent tutorial – few tools, learn how they work, and stick to what you do best. Especially, I appreciate the way it emphasises the importance of proper editing. Something no digital photographer should leave entirely to the camera…

    1. Hi alessandro!! Glad to hear from you too in a long time. I guess I’m at the point of being a jack of all trades. And yes, I agree. In today’s digital era, and with audience becoming more and more sophisticated one can’t depend on camera alone.

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