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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


I didn’t know what it meant when I first saw the post. Then I googled it (google’s the grand father of all knowledge, literally) . So, it means warning. A sign that tells you what’s about to come. Foreshadow. To laymen I can look up the sky with squinty eyes and say in a deep voice “Storms’s coming”, and they all be like “well paint me orange and call me a Popsicle, how the hell’d ya know that”  and I’ll be like “I can see it’s foreshadow”. A perfect Confucius-says-moment.


And that’s exactly what is this weeks’s photo challenge. It goes back to those days when I used to work at the branch office and I had to travel to the Head office every now and then. This one time, the clouds were beautiful. Such beautiful clouds are not a regular sight in Chennai. The sun was slowly hiding behind them giving way to twilight. The breeze was strong and pleasantly cold. A sure sign of the rain that followed that evening.

I noticed this beautiful weather when on my way to the head office. I was to attend a meeting, The moment I reached office, I asked if I could be excused for a moment, or 15. I took my camera out of my bag, ran up stairs to the terrace to shoot this,

Foreshadow of a storm, which actually happened in Chennai.


I used the same technique that I’ve shown in my HDR tutorial.

  • I took 3 shots of this frame, I didn’t have a tripod at that moment, I wasn’t expecting a HDR moment. So I rested my hands on the railing and very carefully took 3 shots at -2ev, 0ev and +2ev.
  • I loaded them in photoshop using the nik HDR efex plugin
  • Did my HDR technique
  • I smudged the clouds a bit to give a painterly feel. Then finished it off by adding a vignette and a tilt shift

Do let me know if you like it, or if you have any questions about the processing. I’ll be glad to share what ever I know. 🙂

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