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Weekly photo challenge: Focus


This is a technique in which an image is selectively blurred to create an intense depth of field, thus creating a miniature effect. You must have seen those landscape shots where big objects are made to look small, kinda like a macro shot. It’s done using tilt shift technique. This week’s photo challenge is focus. I thought this is a good opportunity to show tilt shift technique.


I live in adyar, so that’s pretty close to besant nagar beach. I was there one morning and thought I would do some shots of the broken bridge. Here’s one of them, where I used the tilt shift technique.

broken bridge besant nagar the other side wordpress
The other Side of the broken bridge. Order a Limited Edition Print of this image.


There are lot of camera and picture editing apps these days which you will find on the apple or android store. Most of them come with different blur effects. You will find tilt shift in them. They don’t exactly call it tilt shift though. I used photoshop to do this. I duplicated the image on a new layer, lens blurred it, and used layer masking to selectively blur parts of the image.

Try it on your own, it’s not that hard. Do let me know if you have any doubts.

16 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Focus

  1. You can also find the biggest variety of traditional arts and crafts
    that Vietnam has to offer in this charming city. Do try
    the very famous street food ‘pho’ which is a combination of
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