Hi Everyone

Missed y’all so much. My wordpress account got hacked. Someone from Iraq, apparently, has hacked my password and got access to wordpress account. And not only that all the accounts for which I was using the same password, all got hacked and got me locked out of them all. It was tough, I had to beg and plead to get back into my accounts, but finally I am back in.


I use the same password for my FB, work email and wordpress account. It’s quite a strong one. But then one day I try to login to my blog and it suddenly says “enter the verification code sent to your mobile number ending with 8543.” I was like “That is not my goddamn number.” I tried the forgot password function but all it did was rest my password but not the mobile verification thingy. Then I realize the hacker has activated the two step authentication and had given their own mobile number to get the verification code. THE HORROR!!!

Everything associated with that password got locked out. I couldn’t login to my work email. It said “this password has been changed, please enter the new one to continue.” Then when I tried to login to my FB account it said that it was last logged in from somewhere in Iraq. “Really? Iraq?” I thought to myself. I contacted my IT admin to get the password changed for my work email. I answered all the questions that FB threw at me to convince it that I am the real me, a guy from Chennai, India, not some creepy hacker from Iraq. But I was in a pickle with the wordpress account.

To address this issue to the forums, I first had to login, which I obviously couldn’t, so I had to create a new wordpress account using my alternative email id. Then I wrote to the forums where the engineers directed me to a account accessibility form. They helped me with some alternative codes using which I could login, generate some back up codes, and the disable the two step verification.


I had to create this alternative account so I could login to wordpress. Also when this happened, wordpress had some meet going on because of which staff support was unavailable on the forums. So I had to wait. Also, I did not know for a long time that my account was actually hacked. Luckily, I guess the hacker was just practicing hacking or may be just playing a prank, because they did not misuse my accounts.


I have been busy sorting out my life, between marriage, my passions and my work life, I now have a baby on it’s way. Though haven’t been posting here on the blog or anywhere else for that matter, I have been doing some shots and also making some paintings and illustrations. I will share them soon enough.


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