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Don’t ask me why it’s called that. May be because it’s shaped that way. I don’t know. But that’s what it was called. I was tired from all the walking. And it required another 3km rocky step climbing. I wasn’t up for it. I sat down at the start of the steps with my wife where there were a lot of petty shops.

A lot of hustling and bustling shops could be seen here from where tourists can get refreshments. You could find some interesting faces here. The most interesting of the lot was of this telescope man. He was charging people to view the Ooty mountain peaks. (Ooty is the highest most hill station here in south India.) He had this rickety old telescope, which is the source of his daily bread.

While I was waiting at the flight of the rocky stairs that led to the dolphin view point, I noticed this guy. I haven’t noticed such a face in a long time which made me go to the person and ask for a picture. So I went and asked and he agreed. And that’s when I shot this.

The telescope man at the dolphin view point, Ooty.
The telescope man at the dolphin view point, Ooty.

It’s hard to get a smile out of people. But not this guy. I think he was used to this kinda paparazzi. May be I wasn’t the first guy ever to go up to his and ask him for his picture. This is the only shot I took of him, and I did not have to go for another one.


I shot it using my Nikon L120 and processed it using the nik silver efex plugin from photoshop and the same black and white processing tutorial that I have here. The processing part is pretty much mundane these days. It’s not that hard really. All you need is an eye for detail and getting used to the various options that nik silver efex has to offer. I need to upgrade, get a DSLR. And explore more. I will hopefully do it soon.

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