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Ooty Diaries – Anum


Me and my family went ooty last month. That my wife’s first travel holiday with my family. I’m pretty young in my family. So most of my cousins are married and have kids already. My nieces and nephews, all little bratty little merry makers. However my wife is fond of this particular niece of mine. She finds her really really pretty.

Anum, one of my nieces. The red dot man, Irfan Hussain.
Anum, one of my nieces.

We were on this boat ride. Around 15 of us on one boat. May be more. I was shooting a lot of things that I could spot from the boat on the go. That’s when I saw her focused on something on the other side of the boat. I focused my camera lens, and called out her name. With that same serious expression, she turned around and that’s when I shot this.


I used the same tricks that I used here in my tutorial, nothing else. The original image is not that exciting really. But when you remove the distraction of colors, the portraits do stand out and completely something else.

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