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There are a lot of photos which I had processed some time ago. I hadn’t posted them during the long break which I took from blogging. I was digging up and just going through some of my old shots and found something which I hadn’t shared before. And was also worth sharing. This is the shot of a vendor which I shot at a market place 3 years ago, back when I used to stay in that vicinity.

The pear man. He was selling these USA pears.
The pear man. He was selling these USA pears.

Also I just remembered. He gave me a couple of pears when I returned to give him a printed copy of this. May be he was just happy at the fact that I even showed up after a week of taking this photo just to give a print of it.


This kind of processing is called selective colouring. In phtoshop, it’s just a matter of placing the black and white copy of the image on top of the colour image, layer mask the two and poke through the black and white layer to reveal colour where needed. Quite a simple technique really.

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