The company for which I used to work was on a trip to a resort on ECR called the Blue Lagoon. It was so nice of them to invite me even after I had left the organisation. It was a memorable trip. With a lot of fun shots. This one below is from this trip.


So were all on the beach behind the resort. And we thought lets take a few shots. That’s when I told dhanush to jump up in the air like so, to get this shot.

thereddotman, Irfan hussain
The flying man shot with Dhanush.


The processing method for this was a little bit complex. After converting the original to black and white and lowering the curves a bit to get the detail on the sky and the sand, I ended up darkening my friend too, close the point where he just looked like a silhouette.

The sky and the sand look good but the subject is gone all dark.

So I had to edit the image to make details appear on the model as well, but that was burning away the rest of the image.

All burnt to crisp. Except for the model. The details are well preserved.

So I had to layer mask the dark image over the burn image, and paint on the model alone to get the details. Thus preserving the best of two images.



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