Most people have confirmed by now that I have given up photography. Well, that’s not it. I don’t ever remember saying that to anyone. Well the true story is: I just lacked the equipment. There are countless hypocratic photographers out there who claim that “Camera does not matter as long as you have the skills for photography.” That’s just a load of crap. May be these guys never started out with a jpeg clicking point and shoot camera. I have. And I can give you my word for it when I say the struggle is real.

I started shooting on my mobile phone (and it was not a smart phone that I have now.) After which, for close to three years, I have been using my Nikon L120. It’s a point and shoot camera with some really good zooming capabilities. It had me going.

You have seen the photos here. I have done landscape, portrait, street and even complex techniques like HDR. I have also given my tutorials on how I got about editing them. But I have pushed that camera to it’s limitations. I mean the camera itself has no issues. It still performs the same way as it used to do 4 years ago. I must say I have pushed it’s limitations to their limitations and there’s nothing left for me to explore with that camera. Since there was nothing more to explore with photography with the L120, thus started an year long period of hibernation.

I mean the camera itself has no issues. It still performs the same way as it used to do 4 years ago. I must say I have pushed it’s limitations to their limitations and there’s nothing left for me to explore with that camera. Since there was nothing more to explore with photography with the L120, thus started an year long period of hibernation.


I was a nice kid throughout the year. Been nice to every body and Santa finally rewarded me. Well, either that, or me looking at myself in the mirror and planning hard for it worked. I guess the later’s more of it. After doing arduous research on the internet, spending hours comparing cameras on dpreview and window shopping countless online stores, I finally settled at getting me a Nikon D3300. Yes, it took me 3 years of exhausting all possibilities of a point and shoot camera and one year of planning to finally get this.

The new Nikon D3300


Why didn’t I do this earlier? Well, these things cost a fortune, as you know. Also I had no one to guide me. I didn’t know a thing about DSLR’s. That aperture size, shutter stutter, ISO shmayaso, blipitty blopitty bloop. God knows. I didn’t know which functionality makes what better. I didn’t know if more ISO was a good thing or a bad thing. And if I tried to check with the guys who own one I used get that shmuck answer. So, money and technical dumbness was holding me at bay. Having got a better job, now I could plan out some money for a new camera. Also my wife, kaneeza’s pay form her job having added on after marriage was a big plus.


Enough of my boring story. Now let’s get down to biznezz!!

I ordered it through amazon and gave the delivery address as my office. It came in a huge carton because of the camera bag which was coming along with it. I ripped it open took the camera out, attached the kit 18-55mm lens and tested out some shots. BTW, the best part of online shopping is the un-boxing. I had soooo. much. fun!! 🙂

Like I said I don’t know squat about using a DSLR and had no patience to go through the manual. I was shooting in auto. Without any clue, I randomly figured out how to work the controls and tweak the shutter speed, aperture and ISO. After doing about 20 shots I realized that I was shooting in JPEG. Which idiot pools 33 grand on a DSLR and shoots in JPEG? I changed the file mode to NEF raw and then shot some more.





By this time, the little charge that was available in the battery had exhausted. I did not want to recharge at office. I was eager to take it home and explore at my leisure. The day finally came to an end and I rushed home.

I charged it for about an hour and did some more shots at home. But still it was not exactly the kind of output I was expecting out of a 33 grand DSLR.



I spent the night trying to make myself read the manual. But I was more interested towards hands on learning. I looked towards google every time I hit a dead end. It was still better than going through the manual. This is something that I figured out. I may be wrong. Do correct me if I am.

  • There are no buttons to control exposure as such. You have to balance between the shutters speed, ISO and aperture size to get the desired exposure
  • The more the ISO, the more noise your picture will have. It’s best to keep the ISO at a low and adjust the aperture and the shutter speed to get the desired exposure
  • Manual focus comes really handy when you need it. It can be a blessing.


This was last night. I went to bed with that knowledge, woke up today morning and started doing some shots again. I wanted to do an early morning shoot but it was kaneeza’s strict instruction to not go out in the early morning cold and end up sick. Makes sense. It’s cold and cloudy in the morning these days.



Later, after finishing breakfast, I walked up to the terrace.







CAMERA RAW IS DA BOMB!!! I did not know what I was missing all these days. A RAW file is just as the name suggests. It’s raw. You can mould it to almost any extent. You can transform the photo completely from the way it was originally taken. I have used the older camera raw. I miss the fill light and brightness filter. I have tried using camera raw on some of my friend’s DSLR shots earlier and that fill light slider really seemed handy. But then there are some additional filters in the latest update and users have commented so far that the new sliders added in place of the older brightness and fill light slider are actually better and give more control over the adjustment.

Well, I am not really sure yet. I did not shoot anything with high dynamic range thus far. I will talk more about it when I do. All I did on all these shots was work in the camera raw plugin. This was the first time I worked on RAW images which I shot myself with a DSLR, which is also the first time. So yeah, I have a long way to go.

But as I go on I will share my learning as always. Let’s see what 2015 has in store for me.


I have made up my mind to start a fresh new blog for my digital artistic self. I guess it’s best that way. I have already started the separation. Once I set up the new blog, clicking on the digital art category in the menu will land there.


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