The street smart test


For anyone living in Adyar, this is the easily the first thing that comes to mind when you want to go some place where you can unwind a little. It’s about a kilometer away from my place and those who are staying in beasant nagar can practically take a casual walk to get there.

It gets quite crowded on the weekends which makes it an ideal spot for people like me to grab a candid moment on camera. I was there this sunday morning at about 7 am to get some shots. I went that late because I was not sure of how my camera would handle low early morning sunlight. I did some shots around the carl schmidt memorial and some while walking back to the main road.


This is more of me testing out my camera than actually doing a photowalk. I was just challenging my Nikon d3300 by pushing the ISO, shutter and the aperture to it’s limits. Even gave a hard time to it’s various auto focus functions. I still have a long way to go in understanding how to control this DSLR’s manul settings, at what situations what combination of those nifty little settings work best. I shit you not, I shot 350+ images and found only these 14 worth processing and sharing.

I have posted some shots of it here already.  It was pretty much as bad as a public toilet a few months ago. Now it’s all renovated, repainted and also landscaped. And this time they have taken measures to preserve it’s condition by building a fence around it and appointing a guard.  Click here if you want to see it in it’s older condition.

The carl schmidt memorial, standing right in the middle of the shores of besant nagar beach. irfan hussain, thereddotman
The carl schmidt memorial, standing right in the middle of the shores of besant nagar beach.

There was also this small make-shift room for a security guard. I just shot it randomly. I did not expect it to turn out the way it looks like here, below. RAW developing FTW!!!

irfan hussain, thereddotman
The carl schmidt memorial’s security guard’s make shift room.


I shot close to a 100 frames here in various angles but not all turned out well. Like I said I am still getting the hang of my D3300. I will see if there are some more others that have come out well and share them later. For now I guess these two will suffice.

After having shot enough of the memorial I started walking back. I saw people playing cricket, Frisbee, some other people taking pictures of their friends, families, couples, etc, etc. The people who were playing sports were good target for me to try out freezing fast moving subjects. I have read high shutter speeds allow freezing action. I however failed miserably at that too. I did manage to get a few “sorta ok” shots though.

irfan hussain, thereddotman

irfan hussain, thereddotman

irfan hussain, thereddotman


I could’ve got some really good frozen moment shots from the Frisbee players. But I was not having the right knowledge for it. After researching more I realized I am also not properly equipped for it. Well more on that some other time.

After this I came and sat down at the side walk. It was busy with people running, walking and jogging. I could snap some candid moments here.

irfan hussain, thereddotman

irfan hussain, thereddotman

irfan hussain, thereddotman

irfan hussain, thereddotman

Right from where I was sitting taking these shots, I saw this guy who was setting tender coconut. I noticed him noticing what I was upto. So I went up to him and asked if I could take his picture. He gladly obliged and posed.

irfan hussain, thereddotman

irfan hussain, thereddotman

I came back home and processed all those shots. In the evening I had to come back close to this place for some other purpose. It was twilight but then again I thought “why not take my camera along for one last time, this sunday.” So I did some shots but I feel this one’s the best that I could catch.

irfan hussain, thereddotman

I am pretty happy with the results. I missed so many shots just because I do not know how to properly use my newly acquired equipment, yet. But I hope I will learn the little knick-knacks in time. Well, that’s about it. I think my Nikon D3300 and my 50mm prime pass the street smart test. What do you think?

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