fortune teller, besant nagar, beach, black and white, portraits, irfan hussain, thereddotman, irfan, hussain

Fortune teller


I have seen enough Hollywood movies to know how the fortune teller has a studio set up with all sorts of tripy lights and decorations with that smokey ball on the table and stuff. Things are more simpler in chennai. All we have to do is take a walk to their nearest beach, and we will have dozens of fortune tellers waiting for us. There are many ways they do the fortune telling. One common method is with the help of a parrot. Yeah you read it right, a goddamn parrot.

What happens is you first pay the fortune teller. Then, they let out this parrot from its cage. The parrot trots towards a pile of cards and then picks a card (or two or three, I don’t know) from a deck of tarot cards. And the fortune teller then comprehends the parrot’s selection.

This is the shot of one such fortune teller. He was drinking his tea when I went up to him. He quickly gulped down his tea and was kind enough to oblige when I asked him for a shot.

indian fortune tellers, besant nagar beach, irfan hussain, thereddotman, black and white portraits
The fortune teller at besant nagar beach.



A part from my regular black and white processing technique probably the only two different things that I have done here are the RAW adjustments and the texture that I finally added to it in darken layer mode. I shot the original image using my 50mm prime at f/1.8, 1/640sec, ISO100.

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