motor operator besant nagar beach irfan hussain thereddotman wordpress



I have no idea if that’s what he is supposed to be, I don’t even know if that’s what he does there, he didn’t even start the motor. I just saw him step in and step out of this shed like contraption and I saw that there’s a motor in there and so that’s who I think he is. I know I know I’m judging a book by it’s cover here. But, I’m running out of captions for my posts and images.


I caught this while strolling on the beach with my camera. The moment I shot this and reviewed it on my camera screen, I turned back and started walking in the other direction. Because from his expression, I am pretty sure he would have come over to punch me in the face if I had lifted up my camera for another shot.

motor operator besant nagar beach irfan hussain thereddotman wordpress
The motor operator, or so I think he was…

Thing is, and I will be brutally honest here, you need to grow some balls to do street photography. Even more so, when you are trying to shoot candid. Most people don’t welcome the idea of being shot. However, there are some who like it when people show attention towards them and take their picture. They might even pose for you when they notice that you are trying to take their picture. Yes, that has happened to me.


Exif: F/4, 1/640sec, ISO250

I pushed the clarity slider to the max and brightened up the shadows too. Then did some minor corrections to the other RAW sliders. After that I went on to doing my regular black and white processing using the nik silver efex plugin.

I normally do not explain my processing techniques in detail on my posts because, that’s just repetitive and makes the post unnecessarily lengthy. However, do feel free to call up the main menu from the top right corner and go through stuff there. I have curated those posts and pages in which I have written my processing techniques in there. And if you have any questions, do let me know. I will be more than happy to answer them. 🙂


2 thoughts on “MOTOR OPERATOR

  1. Nice work, Irfan. Motor operator is a cool shot. Haven’t had a chance to look at a lot of your photos, but your blog sure looks interesting. I’ll be back soon to take another poke around! Maybe even run a print for my wall 🙂 …with full credit, of course! All the best…W

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