Balloon shooting range


Before I begin I want to share with you the biggest event of my life. My wife gave birth to a handsome baby boy on the 5th of this month. I couldn’t update any sooner because of all the things that I had to get settled with the hospital and stuff. She just returned home today. Both the new mom and my little boy are doing great!! 🙂


The concept is simple. You will have balloons stuck to a make shift wall made of wood and cotton to which balloons are stuck. The there’s an air rifle that shoots pellets which earlier used to be made of metal, but these days its plastic. They charge you for 10 shots, you burst as many balloons as possible. I first shot his picture. Then later thought why not shoot some balloons too while I am at it.

gandhi beach, balloon shooting, irfan, hussain, thereddotman
The balloon firing range… guy. Or should I say manager?


I shot this one at 1/1000sec, ISO220, f/1.7. Then later I did a little bit of adjustments while converting it to gray scale in the raw pre-processor in photoshop and then did some final touches in nik silver efex.


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