A silent stare


Candid and staged photography are the way I would further categorize street photography. I love approaching people, asking for a shot, taking my time to compose and then taking a picture rather than candid. Yeah yeah, I know you would say candid expressions tell a story, capture real expressions and all, it’s true. However, its more fun when you actually approach people. Some are shy, some are ready and some will plain reject you. But you will meet a lot of different people from different walks of life. Plus it gives them time to pose the way they want, the way they feel they look good.


I tried hard to make this guy laugh but I just couldn’t. All he did was stare at me like this.

irfan, hussain, thereddotman, black and white, portraits
A silent stare


I shot this one at 1/640sec, f/1.8, ISO110.

For processing, I did nothing in the raw pre processor. All the magic has been done in nik silver efex. I love the ability of editing highlights, mid tones and shadows which the nik silver efex offers in editing brightness, contract and structure. Gives a unique touch to the output images.

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