He sells sea shells on the sea shore


I moved from adyar to perungudi. This time the shifting took about 4 days, well 3 days actually. One day was wasted by the first packers and movers that we hired. They moved half the stuff, then did not show up to do the rest of the work. The second movers whom we hired were a bunch of strong helpful guys who shifted the rest half in almost no time.

Biggest reason why we did the shifting, was that the space was just good enough for the 5 of us, me, mom, dad, brother and wife. But since my new born son is now here, his stuff need space too (cradle, cupboard, a dedicated table for his things and such) and after a few months, once he starts crawling he’s gonna curse me for keeping him in a house where he was not able to exploit his newly leveled up skills to his fullest, my little RPG character.

This house is big, a duplex with a spacious living room. The master bed room is upstairs and is also very spacious. Plus, it’s near by to my wife’s work place. So once she rejoins work after her maternity leave, she will be able to leave late and come home early while the nanny governs him. Also I will be able to drop and pick her up as it’s on the way to my office.


Well, he was not selling sea shells as such. There were these nifty little dolls made only of seashells that were strategically glued together to make animals dolls, people dolls, doll dolls, ETC. He also had these shells strung together by a string to make nice wall hangings, or door hangings (yeah we have that here in india). Walked up to him, asked him for a shot and I swear to god, he had the best smile that I saw during that photowalk.

portraits, black and white, irfan hussain, irfan, hussain, theredddotman
The seashell seller at gandhi beach, chennai


I shot this at 1/1000sec, F/2.5, ISO200. Pretty comfortable settings because it was summer twilight evening and the sun can be pretty intense here in chennai. There’s this nifty little slider in nik silver efex called soft focus, which is pretty interesting. I love the way it amps up white and black spots selectively. I can’t get enough of that. Rest of it was pretty much done in light room.

I had to pull down the highlights slider as the sky in the back ground was pretty intense. It has created some black smudges and the vignette added onto the darkness with some grains but still, I like the effect.

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