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Some days come in a man’s life, days that he will never forget. The day he first experiences true love, the day when his father pats his back saying “I’m proud of you” (Never happened to me), the day he buys his first bike, his first pay day, first kiss from true love.

To me feb 5 of this year, 2015, will be one of those days. It’s the day when my son first opened his eyes to this world, the day when I first held him in my arms (the first ever new born that I ever picked up in my arms, until this day I never did, because they are so fragile, that it’s scary), the day when he fell asleep the moment I held him, the day when I saw my wife lying there on the bed in hospital and my son just curled up next to her, looking for warmth, that was a sight to just stop and get frozen to.


After a lot of suggestions and confusion that we created amongst ourselves, we named him Rehaan. Actually he chose it for himself. How?

So that evening after the delivery, my wife was feeding him, he was lying there, sleeping peacefully in her embrace. I just went up next to the bed, sat next to my wife and started talking to him. I said “hey little buddy, you are here already and we are still not sure of what to name you. So many people have given us so many suggestion, I’m just not sure. Your grandma was suggesting that we name you Rehaan, how does that sound to you? Do you like the name? Gimme a sign if you do. Just move your fingers or something…” and the next moment he did. He did move his fingers. Me and wife just stared at each other, and then I said “Really boy, do you like that? You really want us to call you rehaan? Just one more time, move your fingers if you really want us to…” and he did again. He moved his fingers again. I had no clue how this was happening.

My mom came in a little while later. I told her what happened. She told me to give it a try again, she wanted to see it too. So I said again “Hey look buddy, grandma’s here. She wouldn’t believe me. She wants to hear it from you. So just tell me one more time son, tell me if you really like the name Rehaan.” And this time he moved all his 5 finger as if saying “Cut it out already.” So that’s how we named him.

Ok, so without further ado, for the first time ever to the world, introducing, Syed Rehaan Hussain.

baby, black and white, photography, new born, irfan, hussain, thereddotman
Syed Rehaan Hussain


In shot this at F/2.5, shutter speed 1/100th of a second and ISO2000. There are many shots that I took of him but this one, I feel, came out the best. The black and white processing was done using nik silver efex. I’m goonna frame this up in my bed

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