Flute Seller


When my wife was pregnant, doctor had suggested that she walk for at least twice a day. She would get bored of sitting at home most of the time during her maternity leave. So I would take her to the marina or the gandhi beach. There we would take a walk along the beach. Some times I would take my camera with me, and I would take a few shots there during the times when she would tire out and sit down to relax for a while.


I was doing some random shots and thats when I heard this familiar movie song being played on a flute. It was faint as it was coming from far away. I saw this flute seller walking down towards me. Thank god I had my telephoto lens on at that time. I pointed at him and started doing some shots. This one turned out to be the best.

flute seller, beach, gandhi, marina, irfan hussain, thereddotman
The flute seller on gandhi beach.


My focus was on the colours in this one while I took it out for processing. I wanted to highlight those colourful flutes. I selective increased the colour saturation using the individual saturation sliders in raw pre processor. Then I did a bit of touch up like the vignette and a bit of colour contrast in nik colour efex.

I shot it at f/5.6, 1/400secs and ISO110.

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