the grounds keeper

Running out of names

Every time I try to name my posts, I find myself to be running out of names. The block sets right at the moment I try to figure out “What tittle do I give?” and that’s it. I named this one grounds keeper after the simpson’s character grounds keeper willie. I did run into some trouble with him like the kids of springfield elementary do.

People are like mirrors

I have said this in one of my earlier post.

People are like mirrors. Smile and chances are that they will smile back at you.

Something of the sorts happened to me with our willie here. Me and some friends of mine were trying to do some shots on one of the shores of the ECR. It was a nice location with beach and trees on the shore with a small muddy lotus lake and all but then, little did we know that we were trespassing on private property.

He saw us from a distance and rushed to us, to tell us that he might get into trouble for this was private property. I had to coax him a little by appealing to his better nature. A little money and he let us continue or shoot for like an hour or so.

Mean while, I was doing some small talk with the guy and got this picture of his. He hesitated a little but I told him that upon his review if he did not like it, I would delete it. Thank god I didn’t do so bad.

The Grounds Keeper, watchman, security guard, irfan hussain, thereddotman, photoshop, black and white
The Grounds Keeper


I shot this at F/2.8, ISO100 and 1/500sec using my 50mm prime lens. I did not do much changes in RAW. I pretty much just imported it as such. All the magic has been done in Nik Silver efex. I maxed the structure slider and added vignette as the final touch. Once I was done with nik silver efex, I used the dodge brush a bit on the eyes to brighten them up.

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