old man irfan hussain thereddotman srirangapatna

The Pious Old Man

THE TRIP TO srirangapatna

The day we arrived at Bangalore, around 5 in the morning, was the day we left to Srirangapatna at about 8 am. It was a clear day to begin with, but it started raining cats and dogs at around the afternoon. But that’s not the main focus of this post here. On the way at around 10 am we stopped at this small road-side hotel which was famous for it’s breakfast. All the 30 other relatives of mine seemed to to be happy with the simple idly. I never liked idlys. I am more of the Dosa kinda guy. I ordered a masala dosa. Along with the spicy chilli-coconut chutney that they served, the dosa tasted heavenly. After gulping down our daily dose of coffee and tea, we started to make our way back to our vehicles.

Those sharp eyes

I had my 50mm prime strapped on my nikon d3300 and was doing random candid shots of my relatives. When it was time and we were trying to get back to our vehicles, I noticed this man. He was trying to collect alms from people for his religious intents. That’s what I could gather from his attire. I took a shot of him as I was walking by. But only when I reviewed it in my camera, I realized how powerful his eyes looked. I ran back to get a proper shot and caught this.

old man irfan hussain thereddotman srirangapatna
The pious old man at Srirangapatna


I shot this at 1/1250secs, f/2 and ISO100. However, I must tell you that a lot of work which went into creating this was during post processing. I did it using the Nik Silver Efex plugin. The dynmic brightness and soft contrast adjustment in this plugin helps a lot in creating beautiful black and white portraits.

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