What’chu lookin’ at?

Not my son

Nope, this is not my son. Though people who have seen this shot say he resembles him. Plus my son’s just completed his seventh months now. This little man seems to be a bit younger than him.

Ever felt that you are connecting, or someone else is trying to connect with you telepathically? First off, telepathy is a wireless connection between two minds. I mean, there is no real medium as such. The minds just connect, sending each other messages. Something similar was the feeling.

May be it’s because he just resembles my son. I guess it’s just one of those things in life that you can’t actually comprehend. Well, before I digress further, all I’m saying is, he just smiled. I was watching him from a distance, sitting in a guy’s lap, (i’ll just assume, was his father) playing. I waited and was hoping that the guy would move away so that I don’t have to cover him in the background or anywhere for that matter. I just wanted to capture this kid’s emotion. Probably it was the first time that someone pointed that a big camera at him (i had my 55-200mm on).

I liked the way he was looking at me. “That guy pointing that strange tube like thing at me” he must have thought. But I guess it amused him and so, he smiled a little. Almost at that moment, the father leaned back on his seat thus moving out of the frame. Without waiting for the kid to completely smile, I clicked this.

That stare though!!
That stare though!!

I so wished I had my camera on burst mode. I just couldn’t get that smile from him again, also the dad had leaned back in the front again. So I just had to settle for this one.


The usual gear d3300, 55-200mm lens. Set the aperture by default at f/5.3, ISO100, 1/160sec shutter speed. Like I said, wish I had set my camera at burst mode. But then again, that’s the thing with shooting on the streets, especially candids. You have to live in the moment before it flies away.

What techniques do you apply while trying to shoot todlers? I feel they are the toughest subjects to shoot.

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